I think in dates.

I don’t know if that’s relatively unusual, but I kind of remember random things and the dates they happened. A few examples come to mind:

June 25, 1995 – My 11th birthday, and I received a card from Jonathan Jackson after sending him a birthday card
September 4, 1999 – A soiree at Greenmeadows in Quezon City, where I ignored the person who would later be the subject of one too many musings
June 19, 2000 – The first day of classes when I was a high school senior, much delayed due to the fitting of air-conditioning units in the classrooms
August 18, 2004 – My first trip abroad (to Shanghai, China) without parental supervision
April 24, 2005 – Graduating from college in a double ceremony, with Leo wearing bright yellow Adidas Climacools with his Barong Tagalog
May 27, 2005 – Dad moving out
April 12, 2007 – A very public confrontation at a very popular bookstore
March 7, 2008 – Handing in my first resignation letter, written in a spur of the moment decision that I never regretted
March 19, 2009 – Finding out my mom was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer
September 14, 2009 – Dinner at a Japanese restaurant along Arnaiz Ave., before everything fell apart

Every so often, certain things are remembered in one of those calendar days that nobody celebrates anything with. Not only are these things remembered, but they are also evaluated insofar as the degree of emotions that remain.

I’ve been accused one too many times of finding it difficult to move on. How is it ever going to be easy, when one attaches a memory in a seemingly unimportant square in a desktop calendar?


I didn’t have a point. All I wanted to say was that it has been a solid ten years since I was a wide-eyed college freshman (I will probably write about this in a separate entry). I never wanted to go to UP, stupidly because I had no idea where it was.

It’s also been a year since the 2010 World Cup, which ate me alive and converted my religion. I used to think I could never sit down and watch for 90 minutes and wait for goals that may or may not come.

UP and football—two things that I never expected I would fall in love with. Years on, the emotions remain.



  1. Hello Myx! omg my husband is like that. he’s good at tracking “dates” based on personal events as well, remembering them every year, whether the memory associated with each is good or bad. I think it’s pretty cool that you people can do that. Hell, I forget my own age sometimes. But yeah, I can see the downside.

    “It has been a solid ten years since I was a wide-eyed college freshman” – fuck that. Looking forward to more entries! 🙂

    • Hello, hello!

      As with other superpowers, it is both a gift and a curse. Haha! Yeah, 10 years since being wide-eyed freshmen—parang kelan lang we were parading around AS in our high school uniforms looking like fools! Yes, will definitely churn out more entries soon enough!

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