On breakups and being held hostage.

If the relationship isn’t working anymore, acknowledge that fact and accept it as truth, and let go. Only then can you truly free yourself from bondage (the physical type optional, but hey, I’m not judging your kinks) and move on.

But for the love of all things divine, don’t let yourself go. Case in point: Cesc Fabregas.

Exhibit A: The 2010 World Cup issue of British GQ.

Exhibit B: Fabregas’ official portrait for Arsenal, 2011-2012 season.

All together now: WTF happened? (Blame it on the breakup with Carla or still being held hostage by Arsene Wenger, but this guy is in dire need of a trim.)

I am waiting for Gerard Piqué to go all Indiana Jones in North London to rescue a captive Cesc, much as it pains me to see him eventually don blaugrana. [Oh shut up about Cesc having Barcelona DNA. His ass will be warming the bench in no time.]

Yes, I just had to make this post.


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