The Reds start marching in.

Everyone expected a win, but we got a disappointing draw last night, as Liverpool began their 2011-2012 campaign. The second half was lackluster, and it was a huge defensive error that allowed Sebastian Larsson to score (I hate to admit it, but it was a beauty of a goal).

Still, there are a lot of positives for Liverpool to be taken from the match. Our new signings have shown promise, Charlie Adam, most especially. His deliveries were just sublime (note that free kick that Suarez grazed in for a goal)—and yes, he’d be one of the better options for corner kicks so that Steven Gerrard can find himself in the middle of the fray as well. I remember watching Charlie in Kuala Lumpur, and he did show midfield leadership.

Just a few more notes: Suarez was still a wee bit sluggish in this match. Andy Carroll needs to have a better understanding of his role (he was venturing into the midfield way too many times). Stewart Downing and Jose Enrique were solid. Dirk Kuyt, bless him, gave Sunderland problems the moment he stepped on. Thank god Andy Carroll trimmed his beard.

As for Jordan Henderson, it’s not the best of starts. He should be able to get his groove as the season progresses. As for his hair, I love it.


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