First win of the season!

First win of the season, first away win against Arsenal in 11 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a soft spot for Arsenal. However, this match pretty much added to the club’s woes, after selling star players, earning red cards, and sustaining injuries. Laurent Koscielny, one of Arsenal’s more consistent defenders, experienced back problems 15 minutes into the match, and had to be replaced by Ignasi Miquel (who probably has a built more suited as a surfer/A&F model, as opposed to a CB).

My new favorite player, Emmanuel “Ping Pong” Frimpong (whose mohawk reminds me of Denver the Last Dinosaur) is quite the firecracker—we knew that red card was forthcoming.

As for Samir Nasri, there’s been a lot of talk that his transfer to Manchester City is in the works, and this match could probably be his swan song as a Gunner. He did have a brilliant run that eluded Liverpool’s defenders (thank god the shot was wide). And yes, you know I’ve got a soft spot for Nasri, so I’m not complaining about the extended camera time on him.

Lastly, let me offer some comfort for Aaron Ramsey for that own goal—that was one heck of an own goal, coming from a Miquel clearance that deflected off him. (A pouting Ramsey is a sexy Ramsey as well.)

Now, onto the positives:

Liverpool’s defense was much better for this match. Jose Enrique and Martin Kelly gave solid performances (Kelly had a particularly busy day as well). Finally, we also got a clean sheet (Pepe Reina is quality).

This time around, we got to see more of Stewart Downing, and as Leo pointed out, the Enrique-Downing partnership has a lot of potential.

Andy Carroll and Dirk Kuyt created problems for Arsenal, but it was the super-sub duo of Luis Suarez and Raul Meireles made the difference. Suarez has got two goals in two games this season under his name, and he figured in both goals for Liverpool tonight. I just can’t get enough Suarez!

All photos taken from Daylife.

In King Kenny We Trust, indeed.

Liverpool’s currently at the top of the league after this match. The bigger cause for concern: A decimated Arsenal is set to face Manchester United. Prepare for the bloodbath.



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