A note on the Supercopa.

This year’s edition of the Supercopa was once again a clasico, with Real Madrid and Barcelona battling out for the trophy. For those not in the know, the Supercopa de España is played between the winners of La Liga (for 2010-2011, Barcelona) and the Copa del Rey (for 2010-2011, Real Madrid). It’s played over two legs (the ida  and the vuelta).

On a positive note for Madrid, the team has shown that it can keep up with an open game, and hey, 5-4 on aggregate versus Barcelona in the pre-season is not bad. The defense needs to pick up, however, especially if we have to stop that increíble bajito Messi. (Let’s face it, Valdes’ back four offers him better protection than Casillas’ back four does.)

We can also note that after 10-15 minutes of playing, Francesc Fabregas i Soler finally nets a championship “trofee” after winning the FA Cup in 2004 and FA Community Shield in 2005 with Arsenal (so Cesc, are you happy now?).

But of course, whatever positives there may be for both teams have been overshadowed by this:

Yes, it’s not a clasico without the drama (and you think we’d have 180 minutes without that, but this had to happen well into injury time). It’s interesting how Madrid always comes out the villain in scuffles like these. Sure, our players committed bad tackles and our coach had to come up with another crazy stunt to get all the attention to him (makes you wonder if this is a deliberate strategy, given how Mourinho is quite a tactician), but for Barcelona to get away with a lot of things and invoke a morally upright stance (I’m looking at you, Xavi) is laughable. Both teams were at fault in this scuffle among grown men. Shame, indeed.

That said, I wouldn’t end this post on a negative note. I’ll be glad to share my favorite photo from the Supercopa, taken during the ida, right after Xabi Alonso equalized:

Can’t wait until the start of the new season. Hasta el final, vamos Real!


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