Weekend football notes… and a bit of rugby

First. Liverpool lost to Stoke City last night, 1-0, no thanks to a questionable penalty call. The boys showed much fire, especially Suarez and Downing. It may have been quite a nightmare for Hendo, whose 3 consecutive shots were all saved—at a position were Liverpool looked to have easily equalized in the dying minutes of the game at that.

Here’s a photo shared by Leo that pretty much sums up last night:

Second. Thank god for Basque men. Not only are they hot by default, they can be shrewd when it comes to trying to beat Barcelona. After being down 0-2, Real Sociedad managed to get a draw versus Barcelona. At 2-2 and nearing the end of the match, as Victor Valdes walks back to his goal, Xabi Prieto launches one from the midfield. Guess Valdes (who gives me heebie-jeebies, by the way) heard his teammates frantically screaming, saving the shot just in the nick of time. It would have been fantastic if it went in. Nice try and good job, Xabi Prieto.

Third. Real Madrid wins over Getafe, 4-2. The defense was rather sloppy, but my men in white were such a joy to watch overall.

Fourth. I woke up to the news that the mother of Phil and James Younghusband passed away last night due to a heart attack. I remember interviewing Phil back in January, and we briefly talked about losing a parent (which I did not include in the article that was published). My heart goes out to those two, and their younger sister Keri. I know what it feels like to lose a mother, and really, I wonder how many more mothers must 2011 take away from their kids. I can’t even being to imagine what those three are going through right now, having lost both their parents already. My thoughts and prayers are with them, and I do hope they are given the privacy to mourn.

Fifth. I’m starting to learn how sexy rugby is, thanks to the Rugby World Cup 2011. There’s something about men grappling and wrestling each other sans the armor. Throw in a couple of hot men with big chests and trim waists into the mix. That’s what I discovered last Friday night. Also, the All Blacks’ Haka is quite a spectacle to see (and yes, I understand the meaning of this ritual/war dance runs deep in their culture). Here’s a look at the Haka and Tonga’s Sipi Tau:


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