This one’s for you, Steven Gerrard.

Because you are flawless in every way. Captain Fantastic through and through.

And here’s his brilliant free kick against Manchester United. Note Luis Suarez and Martin Kelly in the video—so funny!

Just a few notes: We deserved the three points, and that’s not just me being an ardent Liverpool supporter. We had more shots on goal, and played better in the second half—just an unfortunate miscue to clear the ball during a scummy corner kick allowed the other team to score, thanks to Chicharita. Overall, I’m glad the boys played well—just unfortunate that de Gea (pronounced as “Dee-Gay” by the scum supporter in a Hawaiian shirt next to me last night) was also in fine form last night.

I’m disappointed with the 1-1 draw, but Liverpool’s performance has been very encouraging. Onward and upward to return to European football (and to get back at the Old Trafford on February 11, 2012), please.


Also, Heckle & Jeckle had an unusually high number of cute white guys last night—which leads me to the painful realization that they probably are ManUtd supporters and that my Steven Gerrard shirt was enough to repel them. Only a Jamaican man came up to me, pointed at my shirt and said, “Liverpool! Gerrard! I am a fan! All my friends are Manchester United supporters!” He did like Mich more though—because he asked if she had a husband. Haha!


P.S. Congratulations are in order for Real Madrid as well. Caught the second half of their match vs. Real Betis, and they won 4-1, thanks to Kaka and a Pipita Higuain hat-trick. I must say, Pipita’s come back even better than his season-ending injury in 2010-2011.


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