This entertained me, like really.

I’ve been out of the loop the past few days, owing to a trip to my mom’s hometown for the long weekend. The good thing though is that even small towns in Negros Occidental have got cable already, so I was able to have my weekend dose of football, just not of the Liverpool or Real Madrid kind.

In any case, Chelsea-Arsenal proved to be an entertainer—and yes, even I didn’t bet on an Arsenal win, especially with their defense being totally crap and a half. I don’t really see Per Mertesacker significantly boosting the back four, and Santos and Djourou were just being eaten alive. Good grief, even John Terry seemed to have put the nail in the coffin by scoring a goal that allowed Chelsea to take the lead at the half. That said, Arsene Wenger must have given his team some magic beans, because Arsenal totally turned it around at the second half—and even John Terry had to eat grass in one of the Robin van Persie goals (a hat-trick for the Arsenal captain, no less). And even Santos finally did something right by scoring a goal of his own. The final score at the Stamford Bridge was 3-5, and yes, that was as entertaining as the Manchester Derby the week earlier.

In other Liverpool news, Steven and Alex Gerrard welcome their third girl! (Now, time to get the Gerrards a Chinese calendar—because I want to see a Stevie Junior in this lifetime.) And yeah, Stevie’s injured. AGAIN. ARGH.


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