Sunday morning starts in bed with…

Sergio Ramos:

Or Iker Casillas:

So yes, one of the greatest clubs in the world decides to stamp its greatness once again by sharing photos of players in various states of consciousness, which would excite the female population of el madridisimo. Yes, it is useful to know that Sergio sleeps on the right side of the bed, while Iker is the king-of-the-bed type, sleeping right smack at the middle. Now these beds should have enough space for everyone.

That said, Real Madrid’s game versus Osasuna will be on at 6 a.m. my time tomorrow—absolutely fantastic then, having football first thing in the morning, and thank god for the long weekend. It’s actually on at 7 p.m., Sunday. An even more fantastic time! Gracias La Liga gods!


On the other hand, this totally allows me to shake off the frustration following last night’s Liverpool-Swansea match. Liverpool came out attacking in the first half, but somehow that momentum was not translated in the second half (and I’m inclined to think the officiating had a hand at it, as well). The closest we got to goal were a Dirk Kuyt shot that was ruled offside, and an Andy Carroll deflection that hit the crossbar. Swansea had a commendable game, but Liverpool were just too unlucky with all the shots that didn’t go in. Both goalkeepers, Pepe Reina and Michel Vorm, had fantastic games—Vorm, especially, was a fortress.

Fifth at the standings. Bouncing back versus Chelsea in two weeks’ time is imperative. Come on you Red Men!


Found this old video of Kaka and Dan Carter. Oh yes, the cuteness is exploding:


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