Geez, Luis. Or more appropriately: FA, you wankers!

The FA has slapped Luis Suarez with an eight-match ban and £40,000 in fines for his alleged racial abuse of Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

What’s sickening about this decision is that it was solely based on Evra’s statement, which was not even corroborated by anyone else on the pitch at that time. Moreover, Evra himself stated that he has made abusive remarks toward Suarez.

Now it begs the question, did the FA go beyond actually punishing Suarez for whatever he may have uttered (which also now takes into consideration cultural contexts—the said word does not have the same gravity as an insult in, say, Uruguay than it does in the UK) and actually made an example of Suarez (or more appropriately used him as a scapegoat to make it appear as though the FA are doing something about racism in the sport)? Is it really about appropriate punishments or more toward flexing political muscles?

Eight matches?! This is quite a double whammy. Suarez and Liverpool would potentially have the “racist” tag next to their names (a horror!), and the FA have effectively neutralized Liverpool’s top attacking option. What fucking wankers.

Yes, Luis. We also find the FA’s decision to be absolutely unbe-fucking-lievable.


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