Felices fiestas a todos!

Practically everyone’s got “Love Actually” as their Christmas staple/tradition. For the life of me, I don’t know why I don’t have a copy of that movie. I know I should have a copy, so either a download or a visit to the mall to get a razor-sharp copy on DVD should be in the works.

But really, my Christmas traditions are pretty much Merlin (which my mom also loved and which we used to watch together) and Real Madrid’s Christmas video, which I am sharing here:

How adorable are Jose Callejon’s and Esteban Granero’s smiles? How could it be that Pipita and Iker are just too talkative? How MFEO are Arbeloa and Albiol (Zipi y Zape)? How lively is Marcelo that he can’t stop gesticulating with his hands? How is it even possible that Sergio stepped up his game in attempting to look classy (and stiff, haha), as he was paired with the ever-so-flawless Xabi? How fluffy is Kaka with his megawatt smile, first interrupted by Pipita and then pulling the “It’s me again (me estoy aqui otra vez)” when paired with Carvalho?

As a search term that landed on my blog states: “Adorableness is Real Madrid.”


ETA: What is even more adorable than this video? The blooper reel, of course!


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