Welcome Back, Captain Fantastic!

Of course, only Liverpool would end up with a crummy draw against Blackburn Rovers. It’s the story of our season—the opposing team’s goalkeeper always has a monster game at Anfield. And Bunn surely did.

The gripes started with a Charlie Adam OG on the dying minutes of the first half. Thankfully, the Reds managed to get a point in thanks to a Maxi header in the second half. Now, if only all our other headers did not go over the bar, then we probably could have managed another point.

It wasn’t the best of Boxing Day matches, but definitely, the highlight has got to be Steven Gerrard coming in as a substitute in the second half. And immediately right after he comes on, Captain Fantastic manages to make a dangerous free kick. That he’s back also proves to highlight some much-needed quality passing in this match (the Reds seem to just be passing onto open space and praying that a teammate will get to the ball first—I’m looking at you, Stewart Downing).

And as for Andy Carroll, I still think he overdid the Christmas Day drinking.


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