Dili kamo nag-iisa.

There’s no need for me to repeat what’s on the poster above. The message is crystal clear.

A group of Liverpool FC supporters in the Philippines are also mobilizing items that will be donated during the charity match, and I tell you, there is no greater embodiment of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” than these acts of solidarity that we can offer to fellow Filipinos in need. Please visit lfckopinoys for more information.

On a personal note, I am helping because of a couple of reasons. First, Cagayan de Oro and Dumaguete, two of the most badly affected areas of Typhoon Sendong, are some of my favorite places in the Philippines. I have not yet visited the areas in the wake of the devastation, but I’ve gotten my hands dirty a couple of years ago, when I helped build toilets in evacuation centers/temporary shelters with Habitat for Humanity for Typhoon Ondoy victims. It was an experience that made me realize that every little thing we can do to help would be tremendously appreciated by those that have none—whether it be a structure for them to relieve themselves or as simple as a hot bowl of arroz caldo to warm their bellies.

The second reason? January 7th, 2012 happens to be the first death anniversary of my mother. Knowing my mother, I know she would approve that I would spend the day by helping others in need, in however way I can. My mother is one of the most selfless and generous people I know, and I know that what I will be doing on January 7th is the best way to honor her.

I hope you all could either join us on January 7th or find the time and resources to be a hero for someone in need—and be able to tell them, “You’ll never walk alone.”


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