A note for International Women’s Day.

Much has been said over the controversy surrounding Cristy Ramos’ sexual harassment complaint against Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado of the Azkals. If anything, much of what has been said gives me a great deal of discomfort.

I’ve explained it here: What is sexual harassment? On Sofia, Cristina, and the Woman Question.

There are matters that are black and white, and there are matters that fall under different shades of gray. Obviously, multiple contexts must be taken into account in arriving at a decision that would resolve this matter.

My only hope is that the raging debate should at least allow us, collectively, to revisit our norms, particularly in how men and women deal with each other. What is the norm is not always right. What is accepted is not always fair.

I will not pass judgment on the men in question, but this is what I know—in everyday situations, women are made to feel inferior because they are women. These can be apparent like having smaller salaries than their male counterparts. This can be as subtle as the language we use and how we have a hundred variations to curse someone because their mother went to bed with who knows to bore them. This can be as silent as staying in the dark and not speaking out that they were sexually violated, because of fear, because of shame, because they cannot openly discuss their bodies.

If only our society is one that easily comes to terms with our shortcomings, maybe then, we can slowly stamp out ignorance.


For women everywhere, there still are a lot of proverbial glass ceilings to break through. Here’s to the women that study hard, work hard, play hard, and raise families. There’s one day in the year to celebrate womanity.


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