Walk On Wembley… Again!

The FA Cup semifinal between Liverpool and Everton saw a rejuvenated Reds pull a victory over their Merseyside rivals, who are currently sitting ahead of them in the Premier League table. Adding an extra dimension to the match was the fact that it was scheduled on the eve of the 23rd anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster.

Liverpool looked keen to attack early on, but it was Everton that drew first blood, with the Jelavic goal coming off a rather stupid mistake by Jamie Carragher (Carra and Agger hesitated in clearing the ball, and Carra eventually bounced it off a blue shirt). Following that goal, it seemed that Liverpool had lost its shape and ideas, allowing Everton to dictate the match. Luckily, the lone goal stood at the half, with Liverpool down 0-1.

Thank god, King Kenny made some magic during the halftime break, because Liverpool came out charging at the second half. The Reds dictated the next 45 minutes, which saw goals from both Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll (who has worked hard to have a goal tallied across his name). Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing, both playing decent games, were replaced by Maxi Rodriguez and Craig Bellamy in the second half. Moreover, this semifinal was a confidence booster for third-choice goalkeeper Brad Jones, filling in for Pepe Reina and Doni. Liverpool never looked back, and Everton looked to have just crumbled.

To support Liverpool is to know what suffering means, but really, victory is just so much sweeter after the suffering. See you again on May 5th at the Wembley Stadium, Reds!


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