Quick round-up, September-October 2012 version.

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. Work has been hella crazy and my writing requirements have been endless. I have been watching and writing about football whenever I can for the last two months. Still, some quick updates are in order.

On the rivalries: Liverpool lost to Manchester United 2-1 at home. Boo. Real Madrid drew 2-2 with Barcelona at Camp Nou. I’ll take that.

Por fin, a win: Liverpool finally bagged their first home win of the season, winning 1-0 versus Reading. A Raheem Sterling goal at that. The future is bright.

On the home front: The Azkals have finally ended a 99-year wait (as if we all waited that long!) for silverware, winning the Peace Cup. My thoughts on that here.

I also had the privilege of sitting down with Demitrius Omphroy and got to know his life story (to date). I don’t say this about a lot of people, but here’s someone I genuinely like and respect. Here‘s my take on him.

That’s it for now, flying off to Bangkok once again tomorrow.




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