Of draws, disappointments, and grand gestures of love.

The good: We managed to keep a clean sheet in the first leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup semifinals.

The bad: We couldn’t manage to score a goal. Singapore just dominated us. Good thing their decisiveness in the final third was absent as well.

The lowdown: Posted all my verbal diarrhea here.

The crazy:

Well, this happened on Twitter a couple of days before the match:


Because Chris Greatwich saw my Twitter quip, you know I gotta stand by my word:


Well, no Chris Greatwich in action—come on, HMW! Stop sticking to your favorites and deploy some actual tactics! But hey, I hope the guy felt the love.

I’ve been told he came over and said, “I’m signing that one.” (Missed it—media room duties!) Here’s proof:


1/3 love, 1/3 insanity, 1/3 this guy really needs to be on the pitch for crying out loud.

For the record, we also pulled through with a banner for Demit Omphroy:


Yep, too much fun with puns. Still waiting for these two to be unleashed. Should I now have a banner in German for HMW?


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