Catching up!

I hadn’t had the chance to update this space in the last month, for one reason or another. Sadly enough, it does take a torrential downpour to make one pause and take a different writing route. Or a brain break.

So much has happened in the past few weeks, and I always think work should be a matter of thriving, not just surviving. That said, I am sharing the output from my latest trip in Sulu: Pathways to Peace. Quite excited for a couple of projects being cooked under the TEN Moves banner—and we should be able to see it come October or November. Glad to be in a space that allows me to do both profit and non-profit work—is there a graduate degree for this?

Ah, graduate degrees, you are a different plan altogether.


The new football season has started, and I’m glad my teams secured opening day wins. Liverpool won 1-0 over Stoke, thanks to a Daniel Sturridge goal (I take back everything I said about this guy when he was in Chelsea—he is all red now), but the real opening day hero was Simon Mignolet, who saved a penalty and a rebound to keep Stoke scoreless. I must admit it feels different not to have Pepe Reina on goal anymore, but hey, we need to move forward and upward from a dismal season.

Who do I love watching in red though? Philippe Coutinho. Absolute class during the pre-season, and he just moves silkily. Plus points for not being afraid to take on someone NOT his own size.


On another Premier League note, it sucks big time that FOX Sports/Star Sports lost the bid to air the matches here in the Philippines (hello guys, how about trying harder on your bid?!). The network that won the rights to air in the Philippines is beIN Sport, which—ta-da!—is not even carried by any local cable provider. Yeah, that’s so smart.

On the La Liga front, Real Madrid opened their campaign with a 2-1 win over Real Betis, with goals from Karim Benzema and my new favorite, Isco. Kid is just a smart player. Here he is, man-loving with Alvaro Morata:



Coutinho, Isco—I am sensing a pattern here.


Rains still not letting up, which means:

1) We are still inadequately prepared for these calamities.

2) We need to demand from government proper allocation of their funding for public welfare and development.

3) We need to hold accountable all lowest forms of crocodiles and pigs masking as legislators for funds channeled to personal gain.


Clear Dream Match 2 on Saturday—so, are we letting Fabio Cannavaro play on a lake?!



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