I waited five years for this.

Last night, Liverpool beat Manchester United at Old Trafford, about five years since they last won in that stadium.

Steven Gerrard scored a brace off a couple of penalties and planted a big wet one on the camera. Luis Suarez debuted his new Adidas boots in style. Simon Mignolet had about one good save and that was it—that’s also because you can probably count with both hands the number of times United made an attempt to score. Also, Joe Allen won’t stop running. SAS had great link-ups. DStudge can outrun the entire United team, but still not find the back of the net. Agger got a black eye from Mignolet’s elbow, but it’s all good (who needs enemies when you got friends like those?). Jon Flanagan hated United more than I did, and I could feel it halfway across the world. Lucas Leiva: The Return of the Comeback. Iago Aspas came on garbage time, and we were seriously trolling United.

SAF’s long face. David Moyes is a football genius.

I look at the numbers on the table and I get goosebumps. We are title contenders.

Make us dream, you Red Men. Make us dream.

tumblr_n2k87j7wYX1raxpsqo1_1280 Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League tumblr_n2jhwsbwIx1syoyv2o4_500 tumblr_n2jhc5XGsJ1rbdmofo1_500 tumblr_n2jhc5XGsJ1rbdmofo2_500


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