We’re going to Lisbon!

The German Theory still holds. On their way to capturing the Champions League trophy, Real Madrid had to beat at least one Germany team. Going back into the not-so-distant future, the men in white under Jose Mourinho were eliminated by Bayern Munich (ah, the ghosts of botched penalties) and Borussia Dortmund.

It’s funny how scripts in football just always manage to pit you against your biggest demons. It could be Murphy’s Law in place or it could just be a way to acquit yourself. For Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo, it had to be the latter. Both men scored two goals apiece against Bayern Munich—acquitting themselves nicely of the botched penalties from two years back—and more importantly, booking a ticket for Real Madrid to the Champions League final in Lisbon.

Guess what? Real Madrid had to beat Schalke, Dortmund, and Bayern on the road to the final.

It may be 1/2 the destiny waiting to unfold. After all, the formidable opponent is a hungry, attacking Atletico Madrid side. Ah, as my friend Chica remarked, todos los campeones estan hecho en Madrid. There’s a part of me that would have wanted Chelsea to be in the final, if only for the drama and mind games that will ensue, but parked buses never make for great finals. Besides, all there is to it will just be the football within 90 minutes of play in the Portuguese capital.

In any case, it was a Sergio Ramos Celebration Day yesterday. Two headers merit two crazy football fans in this corner of the world to proudly don their Sergio Ramos shirts.



Oh, and this was also a glorious post-match photo, in all its off-centered glory.



The only downside? Xabi will miss the final. He has been on yellow card alert prior to the 2nd leg of the semifinal, and unfortunately, he got booked in the game. Darn it, nine years after Istanbul, and he misses out on Lisbon.



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