¡Reyes de Europa!

If there’s any word to describe the UEFA Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, it would be: INTENSE. It wasn’t the most beautiful of games, but it had that mounting tension that every final should have from the moment the first whistle blew.

An error from Iker Casillas allowed Godin to score in the 36th minute, and in the dying minutes of regulation time, that’s when you start to think, “Surely, we did not build up for La Decima with just this?” Atleti were too good in closing down spaces, with the midfield unable to supply the balls, and BBC largely shut down.


But faith will bring us La Decima. In the form of a Sergio Ramos header in the 93rd minute.


What a season it has been for Sergio Ramos. Undoubtedly his best yet. Undoubtedly his most important header.

Mucho animo, as they would say. It was as if he pumped life back into this Real Madrid team, who knew momentum swung their way in extra time.

Then the goals came. From Bale, from Marcelo, and icing on top of the cake, a cleanly scored penalty by Cristiano Ronaldo.

At last, La Decima is ours. What an incredible feeling. I’ll be telling my grandkids one day that I was able to witness for myself a portion of Real Madrid’s journey to their 10th European Cup.

Portugal Soccer Champions League Final tumblr_n63mpyMbLb1rjev45o1_1280 tumblr_n63p1yrdg21s16gy8o1_500 tumblr_n63rhfniNr1rjev45o1_1280


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