On the morning of Saturday April 15th 1989, thousands of Liverpool fans set off for an FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough, the home of Sheffield Wednesday FC. Ninety-six Liverpool fans lost their lives that day and many hundreds of others were badly injured. For Liverpool fans, the number ‘96’ is etched in the collective memory alongside other numbers such as ‘5’ and ‘18’. The ‘96’ have become an intrinsic part of Liverpool Football Club.

From April 13 to 15, six Liverpool fans will run the 76 miles from Sheffield’s Leppings Lane to Anfield to raise funds for the 96 victims of the tragedy where accountability still has to be established to this day.

On the same day that the six LFC fans set out for the final leg to Anfield, Liverpool Football Club KOPinoys will walk/jog/run 15k (9+6=15 or 9.3 miles) to show support for their…

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Geordie’s still alreet.

An interesting piece on regional accents in England—something I’ve been fascinated about for a long time (ever since I began faking a Cockney accent in high school, haha). And while I ardently support Liverpool F.C., I still have a hard time understanding Scouse. Yep, Torres’ Nanglish is easier to understand than Stevie or Carra saying “Liverpule”.


Dame Vida

Let me call your attention to Sergio Ramos the Soccket, the ball that is being showcased in the video. It is an example of inspired genius that can just make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids in need. The Soccket is a soccer ball (sorry, I had to use that term instead of football) that acquires energy as it is kicked around. The kinetic energy is then transformed to light energy. That means that 15 minutes of kicking the ball around can provide 3 hours of LED light.

At a time when we are facing the most drastic of changes in our world, there is much wisdom in utilizing clean energy and implementing energy efficient practices. I like how this idea incorporates sport, music, and responsible energy consumption. Plus the fact that Huecco got mi amor Sergio Ramos to be part of the video.

Getting my feet wet, again.

I’ve been apprehensive for the longest time to make a “serious” blog, largely because what I get paid to do involved a lot of hard work that going online to blog, for the longest time, was pretty much for me to not use any brain cells (and yes, years of online life have made me lose more than a few).

However, I figured, I’d shake things up and get a tiny bit of space on the universe, wherein I put together a few insights on things that matter to me and the profession I chose (or rather, the profession that chose me).

A couple of months ago, I jumped back into the corporate world to join a global public relations firm that is affiliated with a global advertising agency. Someone commented to me that they never expected me to be in such a place. Truth be told, nobody ever did. I didn’t think I would. Then again, after a series of curve balls that happened to me in the past couple of years, I know that this is where I could make a big difference—at least for the time being. Hey, I’m in an inspiring environment and industry—what more is there to ask for?

So here’s to another round of beginnings and the times that would force me to think on my toes. It’s time to get my feet wet, again. Let’s do this.