Over the years, I’ve had my poetry and feature stories on various advocacies and travels published in several broadsheets and magazines (complete with photos of being kissed by a baby elephant). Lately though, I’ve taken an inkling in writing about the local football scene, which is at a very interesting period in its history.

(And I’d also like to think I’m providing a uniquely female voice to make the sport more palatable to a significant number of the football-supporting population in the Philippines. Yeah, I just like to think that.)

Here are some published works in 2011 (all in good fun—and no, I am not in love with Phil Younghusband):

Phil Younghusband: Daring to Dream

Sleepless in Bacolod: The View from the Stands in Panaad

Dear Phil, I love you but…

Azkals fans—and fangirls—await Stephan Schrock’s return

Football renaissance now in full circle

Chasing David Beckham, On and Off the Pitch

Pinoy football: An unexpected love affair

OK, the writing continues in 2012:

Walking on, with hope in your heart

Eventually, a Club versus Country Debate and a Team that Played like a Team

‘Hollywood’ Misagh Bahadoran more than just a (very) pretty face

Five things we learned from the Philippines-Malaysia friendly

Everything but the Win and then Some

What is sexual harassment? Sofia, Cristina, and the Woman Question

Of Azkals and Adversity Quotients: A Look at the Team’s Run in the AFC Challenge Cup

Fields of Dreams and For this Younghusband, A Vision for the Future

‘Hollywood’ insider: Misagh Bahadoran on football, futsal, and fangirls

Chilling with Carli de Murga: On Azkals, panget music, and great literature

The Luck of the Draw(s)

The Girls’ Guide to Watching Euro 2012

Pitting Brother against Brother: A Preview of the Clear Dream Match

Of Championships, Vindication, and Credence

Demitrius Omphroy: Rewriting Destiny and Living the Football Dream

Second Half Notes and Well Wishes

Earning Our Stripes: Post-Group Stage Observations and Reflections

Of Draws and Disappointments: Post-Match Notes from Leg 1 of Philippines v Singapore

Choosing What to Look At: Post-Suzuki Cup Ramblings and Reflections

Onto 2013.

Of Cinderella Stories and Broadening Horizons

Wet, Wild, and Everything in Between

The Men in the Arena*

Azkals hero Chieffy Caligdong also a champion for young Filipino, foreign footballers

Football for Peace brings hope for better future for children of Sulu

In war-torn Sulu, football brings hope for peace and a better future

Five things we learned from this year’s CLEAR Dream Match

CLEAR Dream Match 2: Payback Time

Spain Diary: A Filipina football fan’s journey



The Girls’ Guide to the 2014 FIFA World Cup: 16 Men on the (Must) Watch List



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