About Last Sunday…


Fernando Torres captioned this photo as “Liverpool family”. I can’t even muster any eloquence to describe what the All-Star Charity Match (a.k.a. everyone’s chance to say goodbye) means to the fans. This club is making me weepy again (apart from the huge blows against Arsenal and that club made of manure).


Campeones, campeones!

Real Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao at San Mamés 3-0, with goals from Pipita Higuain, Mesut Özil, and Cristiano Ronaldo. With two fixtures left in the season, Real Madrid has effectively won La Liga (after quite a four-year wait!).

(I personally thought La Liga was already won when we triumphed over Barcelona, but hey, this just officially seals the deal. After all, we still have a seven-point cushion over the Catalans!)

Now onto the important part of this post: SHIRTLESS LOCKER ROOM CELEBRATION PHOTOS.

Whoever introduced these men to social media must be thanked. These locker room photos are effin’ awesome. Plus, Iker Casillas has been drunk-posting on Facebook like crazy! And Sergio Ramos has just posted a video on the plane of him and Alvaro Arbeloa dancing to Michael Jackson.

Yep, that’s how Real Madrid rolls.

Canteranos in the spotlight!

Here’s a video for Adidas MiCoach featuring two of my favorite canteranos, Esteban Granero and Jose Callejon. Another favorite canterano, Alvaro Arbeloa, makes a cameo—and probably wanted more screen time, I suppose.