Closing Cycles.

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This transfer window has got to be the worst. My feelings are all over the place.


Ending the year right.

2012 has been quite a turbulent year for all my sports teams. Sure, there have been ups and downs adequately chronicled in this blog, currently, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and even the LA Lakers are having less than stellar seasons.

Still, we never lose hope—and that’s what being a supporter is.

My year has been quite a blur, and I take the good with the bad, the ones to cherish with the ones to learn from, the ones to take delight in with the ones to forget.

Of course, let’s make it a point to end the year right. Thank you, Liverpool. A 3-0 win over QPR is just about the right way to cap the year—a Suarez brace and an Agger header marked the last day of the year (3 goals in less than 30 minutes—this was a training session!). Never mind if QPR were crap and a half, the most important thing is Liverpool got into its passing game and played well. Props must also be given to Steven Gerrard, Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson, and Jose Enrique for having a good game.

Here’s to more adventures and staying onside in 2013. As always, you never walk alone.

Queens Park Rangers v Liverpool - Premier League