Gracias, El Pirata!

Esteban Granero has moved from Real Madrid to Queens Park Rangers—not gonna lie, that made me shed a tear. He is one of the few that is madridisimo to the core.

Here’s to hoping for an eventual return. There is that buy-back option after all.



Campeones, campeones!

Real Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao at San Mamés 3-0, with goals from Pipita Higuain, Mesut Özil, and Cristiano Ronaldo. With two fixtures left in the season, Real Madrid has effectively won La Liga (after quite a four-year wait!).

(I personally thought La Liga was already won when we triumphed over Barcelona, but hey, this just officially seals the deal. After all, we still have a seven-point cushion over the Catalans!)

Now onto the important part of this post: SHIRTLESS LOCKER ROOM CELEBRATION PHOTOS.

Whoever introduced these men to social media must be thanked. These locker room photos are effin’ awesome. Plus, Iker Casillas has been drunk-posting on Facebook like crazy! And Sergio Ramos has just posted a video on the plane of him and Alvaro Arbeloa dancing to Michael Jackson.

Yep, that’s how Real Madrid rolls.

Canteranos in the spotlight!

Here’s a video for Adidas MiCoach featuring two of my favorite canteranos, Esteban Granero and Jose Callejon. Another favorite canterano, Alvaro Arbeloa, makes a cameo—and probably wanted more screen time, I suppose.