On Telemadrid.


Yeah, there’s a glimpse of me fangirling in the CF Internacional de Madrid segment of “Madrileños por el Mundo en Filipinas“, right there on the 42nd minute.

Someday, I will teach my daughter and granddaughters how to do fangirling properly. (Or someday marry a Spaniard, whichever should work out. Haha.)

P.S. Gracias Rufo por compartir el link! Eres un crack!


Hablando a futboleros.

I found out yesterday that my Spanish skills aren’t too rusty. After all, I can proudly say that I have asked several Spanish football players to sign the You’ll Never Walk Alone banner.

OK, the first that I asked was Joaco—I was actually asking for his shirt, but he smiled and shook his head. I suppose they’ll reuse the shirts for the Tuesday match, since nobody exchanged shirts. So the next step—thanks to quick thinking—was to have the guys sign something, and all we really had was the banner.

I think it was Guille who was just in front of me, so I started hollering his name and asked him to sign the banner. Let’s give the guy mad props, he scaled the white fence to reach out for the banner, and for that he gets 1,000 pogi points.

Then Inter de Madrid striker Rufo, who scored the opening goal, came along. I asked him to sign the banner (but not before trying my luck with his shirt—and got the same reaction, haha)—but wait, I also asked him to have the entire team (“todo el equipo, por favor!”) to sign it, which they obliged.

The point of all of these is to just boost my confidence, so that when I see La Roja or Real Madrid, I should not have a problem with guts and the Spanish language. Tercera División, I conquered you. Time to move up the liga ladder.

(P.S. I have a meatier take on Dili Kamo Nag-iisa soon. This is just the flailing post.)

ETA: OK, here’s proof that Guille really scaled the white fence. (And yes, I am such a stalker for finding this photo on Tumblr. Credits to heyantoinette.)