I travel to just be me.



You Don’t Need to Say Anything.

What I would have told you, only better. I saw your wedding on the pages of a magazine. How every photo reeks with the richness of your life, your happiness. How maybe, just maybe, I would have wanted it for myself. How, after the initial shock, I am left numb and unfeeling.

As it said, you surround yourself with your loved ones, and I with mine. There is nothing more to say.


Geordie’s still alreet.

An interesting piece on regional accents in England—something I’ve been fascinated about for a long time (ever since I began faking a Cockney accent in high school, haha). And while I ardently support Liverpool F.C., I still have a hard time understanding Scouse. Yep, Torres’ Nanglish is easier to understand than Stevie or Carra saying “Liverpule”.