Nueva segunda camiseta!

La Roja has unveiled their away kit for Euro 2012, and it’s… it’s… it’s… light blue. I am not a big fan of this particular away kit (and to think I generally like Spain’s away kits). I initially liked Iker’s second goalkeeper kit, but if you look for the photos somewhere, the color-blocking in front is just horrible.

The video to unveil it is lovely though. The boys talked about their memories of the 2010 World Cup, going back to the whole “El pasado no cuenta, todo vuelve a empezar” theme for Euro 2012.


Felices fiestas a todos!

Practically everyone’s got “Love Actually” as their Christmas staple/tradition. For the life of me, I don’t know why I don’t have a copy of that movie. I know I should have a copy, so either a download or a visit to the mall to get a razor-sharp copy on DVD should be in the works.

But really, my Christmas traditions are pretty much Merlin (which my mom also loved and which we used to watch together) and Real Madrid’s Christmas video, which I am sharing here:

How adorable are Jose Callejon’s and Esteban Granero’s smiles? How could it be that Pipita and Iker are just too talkative? How MFEO are Arbeloa and Albiol (Zipi y Zape)? How lively is Marcelo that he can’t stop gesticulating with his hands? How is it even possible that Sergio stepped up his game in attempting to look classy (and stiff, haha), as he was paired with the ever-so-flawless Xabi? How fluffy is Kaka with his megawatt smile, first interrupted by Pipita and then pulling the “It’s me again (me estoy aqui otra vez)” when paired with Carvalho?

As a search term that landed on my blog states: “Adorableness is Real Madrid.”


ETA: What is even more adorable than this video? The blooper reel, of course!


Baby Peaches, Part Deux

Where my blindness leads to an epic fail: “Is that Mike Magee?” Oh yes, it is, that man got such a swagger when he walks.

Where Mich (thanks for sharing this!) says, “Kuya, please get out of my shot!”

Where the rottweiler barks at us.

Where we see another take on Baby Peaches (who, in this nanosecond bit of the video, actually smiles at the crowd).



I’d love to come home to this man…

Xabi Alonso is sheer perfection in this BTS video. From the impeccable styling to the fact that he cooks and loves his food to the Liverpool banner in his ‘home’.

On a day when LA Galaxy arrived in Manila, and Alvaro Arbeloa and Sergio Ramos tweet nearly naked locker room photos, Xabi Alonso still is the highlight of my day.


Rolling in the Deep

Here’s an alternative version to Adele’s “Ice Bitch in Pain” original. Yes, I adore David Cook. He may look like your regular long-haul trailer truck driver up close, but man, the guy is just oozing with sex appeal when he performs.

Yes, I love a man with a good dose of grit in him.


You want swag? This is swag.

This performance was on a different level than the rest of the competition.

ETA: I changed the video from the broadcast version to one that’s high quality and taken from the stadium. It makes you appreciate the routine much better.


He will Schröck you

A proper post soon. For now, let’s relish in that short-lived glory of Schröck’s goal. (P.S. Wow, one of the few instances that Fail Younghusband worked his butt off to get that ball.)